Monday, September 7, 2009

The Hair of the Dog...

When you have a big dog with incredibly thick, long fur, you end up dealing with massive quantities of the stuff – on the couch, on the carpet, on us. After awhile we decided to save it and after a brief hunt on the web we found Christine at She lives here in north Texas and spins pet fur into custom yarn. We sent off about file box full of Gohan fur and received back two big balls of Gohan yarn. Originally I’d planned on making a winter beanie for Jeff but it turned out too thick and too itchy so I unraveled it and created this little guy.
He’s a Gohan amigurumi! His body is crocheted. The ears and tail are felted from carded Gohan fur with accents made from black roving. The nose and eye rings are black felt and the mouth is black yarn. I found all of the materials at Joann’s, with the exception of the dog yarn of course.
Jeff seems to be tickled pink with his Gohan amigurumi.

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